Sunday, April 19, 2009

Boston Fish & Seafood Market - red snapper

Boston Fish & Seafood Market (1484 Dorchester Ave,
Dorchester, MA 617-282-2980) is a little gem of a place right across the street from the Fields Corner T stop. They sell a decent variety of fresh fish which they will prep in a variety of ways - head off, skinned, boned etc. I bought one of the red snappers pictured here with the works; i.e., no fuss or muss for me, just ready to put in the pan.

They also sell fish dinners to go (fried, baked, broiled) with some of the best french fries I've ever had. I got fried clams with bellies but was so hungry when I got home that I just scarfed them down without a single thought about taking a picture.

I did a recipe search on for red snapper and just decided to wing it because there were so many.

I ended up near Haymarket the next day so I bought peppers and baby red potatoes. I've only been to Haymarket a couple of times and find it a bit too much. Super crowded, vendors who are not helpful (and I'm being generous).

Prices on these peppers were low (2/$1). So I got the yellow and orange from one vendor who let me pick my peppers, threw them in the bag and took my money. Guy I bought the red pepper, lemon and potatoes from was an insulting jerk (I should have made a stink but it was the end of the day and I really just wanted to get home.

None of the pictures of the finished meal came out that great but it was fantastic, probably one of the best meals I made in quite a while.

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