Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fish Tacos (or how I spent my summer vacation)

Six days, four fish tacos and I wish it could have been more (days and tacos). Day one, as is tradition, I get my rental car and drive straight to Huntington Beach.  I stop at Rubio's on the way down Beach Blvd. and get two fish tacos and and large iced tea (brewed).  Get myself all comfy on the sand and chow down.  Rubio's fries their fish and there are usually two generous pieces in the soft corn tacos, lots of cabbage and salsa.  Folks, it doesn't get much better than this (OK, Wahoo's is better but we'll get to that later).  Being on the beach, eating fish tacos.  I am as pretty close to heaven as I am ever going to get.  

Next day, I get my fish taco on the way home from the beach.  Normita's Surf City Tacos is on the northwest corner of Beach at Indianapolis (same corner as Hilltop Liquor; if you need a landmark, that's it).  This is a small place (not a chain and one store) with a couple of table outside and a few stools inside.  They fry their fish too and add a lot more goop than Rubio's and it makes for a spicier taco.  They also give you a generous portion of chips.

Wahoo's, pictured above is by far my favorite (in general and for this trip in particular).   Parking at Huntington Pier on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend is not fun but we eventually roll down the windows and ask a guy if he is leaving and give him a ride to his car.  I'm surprised the place is not packed but am somewhat relieved because we are starving.  Wahoo's grills their fish and, as you can see, the dinner platter comes with a huge portion of rice and beans.  They also have brewed iced tea.  I could eat this stuff morning, noon and night.

Last place was somewhere in Santa Monica on my last day.  Don't even know the name and it wasn't memorable enough to write it down.  This was more of a fish fajita than a fish taco so I was somewhat disappointed but the spanish rice was probably the best I've ever had.  

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Anonymous said...

Yummy! That photo of the Wahoo's fish taco plate looks good enough to eat!