Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Alibi, Hotel Liberty, Boston

I was dreading going here.  Original plan was to go to Drink but they were closed Saturday and Sunday of July 4th weekend.  My company from NYC wanted to see the fireworks and I really wanted to avoid the crowds.  The train was crowded with revelers, I kept saying that I didn't want to go to Charles Street but that's where we ended up.  Not horribly crowded at the hotel but they were doing a brisk business and there were bouncers outside inquiring where we were going.  We ended up at Alibi, the downstairs bar with the outside patio.  Bar inside was empty so we ordered in there.

Unblended rye?  Sazerac.  So that's what this manhattan was made with.  Decent enough but two issues.  The first: this is not a lemon twist in this drink.  For the thing pictured here, it would have to be in a cocktail the size of a milk carton to be proportional.  It did effect the taste of the drink.  The second issue (and I have experienced this in a couple of places lately) is the size of the glass.  No matter what size you decide to make your cocktails, you should serve them in glasses that size.     

We snagged a couple of coasters with Frank Sinatra's mug shot (mug shots of celebrities adorn the walls of this place).
We headed outside.  It's filled with lots and lots of 20-somethings.  But we get a nice spot on the couch and see the entire fireworks show.  Good times.  


Forest said...

bummer about the big chunk in your know I get that problem quite often here with the 'twists' in my martinis...several large chunks of lemon or lime or whatever in my drink. I do love the whole mugshot picture thing though!

Life On Planet Patricia said...

They do have all kinds of mugshots up on the walls as part of the decor. Jimi Hendrix is the only one I can think of at the moment.