Saturday, August 1, 2009

Things I might buy at Russo's next time

Above is sweet Italian eggplant and below is graffitti eggplant. Only one way to find out what they taste like, right?


Forest said...

that pic of the sweet italian eggplant looks divine! I see the graffitti in the store often and never buy it...and always think the same thing, too "only one way to see what it tastes like" Maybe this will inspire me to actually try!

greygarious said...

Have you seen these? I got one at the Lowell Farmers' Market and haven't had the heart to cut into it yet. Too pretty! Mother Nature seems to be a fan of fractals and Lisa Simpson!

Life On Planet Patricia said...

Wow, GG, I had not seen that. What did it taste like?

My last outing to Russo's was cancelled so I haven't been able to by either of those eggplants but I've been seriously jonesing for it ever since.